The People of Central Westside

Daryn DeZengotita
Table Coworking

There is so much possibility here at Central! With 37,000 sq. ft. of space, we can say “YES!” to most anything that our neighbors can dream. My passion is to welcome folks who don’t regularly have the opportunity to get to know one another. Then, provide the elevated level of hospitality that allows magic to happen. In the coworking movement, we call it Accelerated Serendipity. In church, it’s called the work of the Holy Spirit. However you know it, we hope you will share it with us here at Central Westside.

Daryn DeZengotita

What does it mean to be a church in the 21st century? Here at Central, we are exploring that question through daily acts of Radical Hospitality – welcoming everyone, working with everyone. Together, we are learning what it really means to love our neighbor.

Rev. Dr. Ken G. Crawford